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Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

Our Philosophy

The teen years can be an incredibly stressful part of any person's life. It is a time where young people begin to develop their own opinions and reasoning behind these opinions. It is the time where they begin to work out who they really are as people - their values, their ambitions and their beliefs. They start to develop their strengths and identify and target their silences.

For many young people, school can be considered a negative environment, involving study and social anxieties. It can be a stressful place to start develop these essential understandings.

At GNX Leaders, we work with young people in a fun and friendly environment to develop their understanding of their values, their ambitions and who they are as people. Our workshops do not require an application - just a willingness to learn and challenge oneself.

Our workshops encourage participation and self-reflection and include a variety of activities in order to engage young people in the workshop material.

At the end of each of our workshops, we will have worked with each participant to develop a plan as to what role they want to play in the future of the world-

We aim to engage with parents and teachers after our workshops to ensure the participants' support networks can assist in progressing the participants' development and encourage them along this journey.



At the end of each of our workshops, participants will feel more confident in their knowledge and understanding of a variety of practical skills including but not limited to the following:

  • Understanding the self

  • Understanding the self in context of others

  • Understanding the self in context of the changing world

  • Operating in a team environment

  • Communicating with different people in different situations

  • Thinking creatively

  • Understanding principles of innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Finding confidence in areas in need of improvement

  • Thriving under pressure

  • Taking on new challenges while maintaining sound mental and physical health

  • Understanding local, national and global issues and how to respond

  • Understanding individual passions, drivers and key goals in life

  • Creating a plan to strive for success

  • Integrating success and impact in everyday life

  • Making the most of the high school years to achieve success

  • Being flexible and amenable to changing one's direction


Group Workshops

Group workshops teach young people about not only themselves but how they can most effectively operate in team environments

School Workshops

School workshops give schools the ability to offer specialised workshops to students looking to develop their leadership skills

Private Workshops

Private workshops allow us to give much needed one-on-one attention to young people looking to improve their leadership skills


Our Founder

GNX Leaders was founded by Caterina Sullivan, an award-winning expert in sustainability, who, by age 20, became the CEO of the Global Goals Australia Campaign and, by age 21, became the CEO of Strategic Sustainability Consultants. Caterina has had extensive leadership experience and has been recognised by a number of prestigious awards including being named as a Finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards, being named runner-up in the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards, being named as a Young Social Pioneer and being nominated for the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year Awards and the NSW / ACT Young Achiever Award. Caterina has worked with young people for a number of years and finds her energy in knowing she can share her knowledge, skills and expertise with the next generation.

Caterina Sullivan

CEO, GNX Leaders

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